Los Cabos  | San Jose del Cabo International Airport

November 29, 2023

SenorAir Lands in Cabo

SenorAir Private FBO SJD

Inception of Señor Air at SJD Airport

SenorAir, a dynamic new airline, has made an exciting entrance at SJD International Airport, ushering in a new era of air travel in Los Cabos with its inaugural flight. The launch, full of festivity and high hopes, marks a promising future for both the airline and its passengers. Operating as a regional airline, SenorAir is based at Cabo International Airport and flies the Embraer ERJ-135 aircraft, offering a comfortable experience for up to 37 passengers.

Senor Air Los Cabos

SenorAir, connecting Los Cabos with major cities, offers direct flights to destinations like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey; it provides 1,086 weekly seats. They will offer regular direct flights to major cities including Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. The airline’s schedule boasts 14 weekly flights, which includes four flights to Los Mochis, six to Mazatlán, and two flights each to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, ensuring a robust connection to various cultural and vibrant destinations.

This service makes travel from La Paz to Mexico City via SJD Airport possible. SenorAir combines affordability with quality, offering diverse pricing for various destinations. Booking is easy through their website or customer service. Their terminal at SJD International Airport is designed for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience from check-in to boarding.

Senor Air Cabo

SenorAir enhances the experience at SJD International Airport with its dedicated terminal, which is both efficient and welcoming for travelers. This terminal combines ease and elegance, ensuring a smooth process for all passengers from check-in to boarding. Its well-planned design focuses on providing a seamless, enjoyable journey from start to finish, making each step of the travel experience not just convenient but also pleasant and memorable.

Visit them to book online at https://www.senorair.com/en