Tequila Tasting

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Los Cabos Airport Tequila TastingTequila & Mezcal Tasting Events

When thinking of Mexico, Tequila is one of the very first things that comes to mind. Los Cabos being a world-class touristic destination has a vast offer of Tequila stores and products available for purchase. Likewise many shops and stores will offer Tequila Tastings to their customers so they can sample different brands.

There is probably much you don’t know about tequila or mezcal. It’s not always meant to go with salt or a lime (more on that later). Tequila has much more history then many people know. Having a private tequila tasting experience in your home, villa or resort, a Maestro Tequilero (Tequila Master) from Tequila, Jalisco in Mexico. As a result,  you get a real education. Maestro’s explain the tequila and mezcal manufacturing processes. Each plant has origins and types. These all determine tequila and mezcal distinct flavors.  Learning a complete historical background of the family who produces each Tequila makes each event special. (Pro Tip: Native Mexicans take their Tequila plain and neat. They prefer to leave the lime and salt for their margaritas!)

Tequila tasting events for small to large groups include history lessons, explanation of the growing, distillation and aging processes. Master tequila makers can also pair this with authentic Mezcal tasting (two-for-one!). (did you know mezcal can be used in cuisine?)

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