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Duty-free allowance from Mexico

Duty-free allowance in Mexico is as follows: merchandise additional to the baggage, which monetary value may be proved by invoice or sale receipt and such value doesn’t exceed $300 USD, or the equivalent in MXN currency when passenger entries to Mexico by maritime or airport; or $75 USD when the passenger entries to Mexico by land. Alcoholic drinks, tobaccos, and gasoline may not be part of the duty-free allowance. (please review Frequently Asked Questions for more)

Duty-free Allowance from MexicoHoliday Duty-Free in Mexico

During the holiday period, Holy Week, summer, New Year, Mexican passengers entering Mexico by land may import, under their duty-free allowance, merchandise with a value up to $300 USD or the equivalent in MXN currency, except for the persons that reside in the border. Please look up for the beginning and end of these holy days periods at the customs desk or online. Tax Payments Passengers may import merchandise other than their personal baggage without hiring a customs broker, paying the general tax of 16%, provided that the value of merchandises, excluding duty-free allowance, doesn’t exceed 3,000 USD or the equivalent in MXN currency, and provided that the passenger has the invoice, sale receipt, or any other document expressing the commercial value of merchandise.

  • If you anticipate a tax on items you are bringing in please pay before by the Internet at www.banjercito.com.mx or www.aduanas.gob.mx, completing the form “Payment of Foreign Trade Duties”, or through the automatic centers
  • If you are caught with items beyond those allowed you will be taxed and required to pay these before being released from the airport or customs office; alternatively you can forfeit these items to the Mexican Government
  • The value of computer equipment, together with the rest of the merchandise, must not exceed 4,000 USD or the equivalent in other currencies
  • Merchandises subject to non-tariff regulations or restrictions (permits, certificates, notices) may not be imported.
  • In order to calculate the tax base, duty-free allowances mentioned in point 2 may be subtracted from merchandise value
  • For other consideration please review Customs & Security

Credit Card Duty Taxes in Mexico

Visa, Master Card, and American Express are generally accepted by businesses catering to foreign tourists. You can expect to use credit cards in Cabo for car rentals, hotels and resorts, shops, and restaurants. Before you travel check with your credit card company- may charge a specific Foreign Transaction Fee and some, like American Express do not.


There are ATM’s throughout Cabo with many being connected to national banks. Many will dispense both US dollars and Mexican pesos, however, many will have a daily max limit.

Currency Exchange

Please see our page on US dollar to Peso forecast and Mexican Peso exchange rates.

*Full information on all duty-free allowance from Mexico can be found at GOB.mx.


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